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Helping School Employees Retire with Financial Dignity

Join the ValuTeachers FAMILY

To begin the process of becoming a ValuTeachers Retirement Specialist, we invite you to join us for a Zoom with our CEO, Bentley Chistopher, to learn more about our mission and how you can

play a part in changing lives across the country.


Retire with Financial Dignity

"It made me furious when I left education because I realized that I had no preparation whatsoever for retirement.  Teachers are retiring dead broke, meaning that they do not have enough income to live a meaningful life, financially, after spending 30 years in their career.  I started ValuTeachers because I am a missionary, and I saw a need in the marketplace.  Teachers were not getting the information that they needed to set up a supplemental retirement account so that they could retire with financial dignity."

-Paula Smith

President, CEO, and Former Educator

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90 Fort Wade Rd Suite #116

Ponte Vedra, FL 32081, USA


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Our Promise

ValuTeachers associates exclusively serve educators and school system employees across 49 states through financial education and by establishing supplemental retirement plans for the men and women that are educating the next generation. At ValuTeachers, we like to help people build an encore career.  An encore career is that second or third opportunity in life to do something special, to build security, that will truly give you the opportunity to go to the top and realize your dreams.







Making a


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